TV Monitoring Pro

TV Monitoring Pro customers get access to TV ads data on any brand, advertiser or product/service in any required reporting format.

Monitoring parameters in reports:

  • Core brand, mentioned brands, advertiser
  • Name and category of the goods or service
  • Ads type: direct commercial, social, political, sponsorship
  • Additional parameters: keywords, slogans, plots of clips
  • Broadcast type: network, regional, local, orbital
  • Display parameters: prime, position in a block, language, wholeness
  • TV channels (broadcasting ads)
  • Cities/ regions of placements
  • Period, broadcasting time, date, day of the week, etc.
Options of reporting:

  1. Ready-to-use reports of analysts in the selected categories:
    • own advertising broadcasting
    • comparison with the media plan/report for control
    • reports on placements of third-party advertisers.
  2. Raw data in excel for independent preparation of reports by the customer.
  3. Access to required video records in the archive of up to 150 days.
  4. Access to the web interface for creating reports on own placements and comparison with the media plan

Examples of reports

Monitoring of brands and categories of goods
To get a report, one should select brands or categories of goods and services advertised on TV within our TV monitoring panel. Reports may include goods categories only or every brand in particular. We can provide upon request reports with a detailed description of all types of clips promoting the brand that interests you (plot, slogan, duration, number of displays, etc).

Monitoring of placements on TV channels
We collect data on all TV commercials broadcasted on all TV channels within our TV monitoring panel. You can get daily reports on all placements of brands you are interested in with the time, channel of placement, clip's position in the block, etc.

Comparison with the media plan
When the customers provide us with their media plan, it is automatically compared with the actual broadcast. Detailed report on the specific channel/city will show whether the video was broadcast, whether it was broadcast at all, prime / non-prime time ratio, and the total values for day/month.

When we monitor multiple cities we provide our customers with reports where we show planned broadcast, actual broadcast, deviations from the plan, etc. in ALL the cities and channels.
Based on the monitoring data we can provide additional reports and services. For example, we can determine whether the TV channel broadcasts the right commercial, or give you a duplicates report about the broadcast of commercials in one commercial block.
We can provide you with the TV monitoring results/data on-line.

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