In 2000-2006 a group of people sharing the same views in the sphere of image recognition carried out profound research work and tested the developed methods of image processing. By 2005 we had got results that allowed to apply theory to various tasks in the sphere of image recognition.

In 2006 company «Comexp» was established.

At present moment «Comexp» solves various application tasks in the sphere of image recognition. We apply a licensed technology of image recognition TAPe, developed by our specialists.

Patent for the new «Method of image processing» — TAPe technology — was taken out in 2008

We developed a number of applications that allow to solve particular tasks in video search, we also found a number of important solutions to this problem.

We developed and tested a prototype (hardware-software system TAPe – monitoring), that allowes to solve the following tasks:

  • record video from all kinds of sources of signal;
  • to transfer the recorded video signal into TAPe-format;
  • solve tasks connected with search of video fragments.
In 2008-2009 we carried on negotiations with potential customers and conducted market research, that allowed us to position our services in the market.

From 2009 «Comexp» launched the project called «Monitoring TV» and started monitoring commercials (and other video fragments).

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