Our team

Kurinov Sergey
executive directo
Businessman, executive director. 15 years of work experience in IT. Brought together and organized work of a team of people sharing the same views, solving application tasks in the sphere of image recognition.
Sheviakov Sergey
Head of technical development
Head of technical development department, PhD (technical science). 15 years of work experience in IT, 10 years of work experience in the sphere of image recognition. Designed and managed development of mathematical methods of problem solving. Put theoretical aspects of the new method of image processing and into practice with the help of TAPe technology.
Utrobin Vladimir
Project's research manager
Project's research manager, Professor (technical science). 35 years of work experience in image recognition. Developed a new method of image processing. Gave proof of practical application of his method in the theory of image recognition. Took part in generating of mathematical methods for application problem solving.
Vorobyev Maxim
Business Development Manager
Igonin Aleksey
Technical director, engineer.
Development and generation of TAPe monitoring system
Minkov Sergey
Head of Online TV Monitoring

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