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The growth of information and data volume became obvious and incontestable nowadays. TV and the Internet generate new video data (movies, music videos, programs, commercials) every day. According to Cisco research in 2013 the volume of internet video traffic will raise up to 64% of all transmitted data.AdSwitcher allows you to use the influence of TV advertising on the audience in the period of its maximum effect immediately during and immediately after the broadcast.
AdSwitcher synchronizes the start of your advancement in the network with the moment of the release of a certain advertisement in the air of the given region due to the unique patented technology of pattern recognition and the biggest monitoring panel of the air in the cities of Russia and Kazakhstan.
Do you want to save your time and not to get lost in information volume? Do you want to invest less money into expanded archives with data? If your work is connected with video data processing and storing, sooner or later you'll come across the problem of data management. But the majority of modern solutions don't take into account specific features of video files and their work can't be based on the content of those files. Search of a video file in an archive, for example, may be done only with the help of the name of a particular file, or if you input some associated metadata (file attributes, additional information, text data). In many cases dealing with video data implies work with the content.

If you need a more modern approach to data management, based on the technology of image recognition (TAPe technology), you can use our products.

We can help you to manage your data effectively. We can provide you with such "products" as: video search based on a series of shots, comparing of video files (to find similarities and differenced between them), video annotation. Storage, processing and management of source data can be realized on SaaS basis. In that case the user will get access to the system through Web interface.

Use of innovation technology of image recognition TAPe helped us to get good results in the following areas:

Search. The function of video file search can be carried out with the help of one given shot or video fragment. You get the opportunity to download any shot of video fragment in any graphic format, of any quality and with any type of compression. When the search is done you'll get a report, where all files with this shot or video fragment will be represented.

Duplicate search. This kind of search aims at detection of similar in content video files. As the result you get a list of files, identical in their content and grouped according to it. The file name, size and format are of no importance.

Comparison. The function of comparison gives an opportunity to compare video fragments and find different and similar parts in them. As a result you get a report with the list of similar and different video fragments. The starting time and duration are also indicated for every fragment.

Video reviewing. Video reviewing allows to get a brief summary of the file's content, that is enough for getting a general idea about the fragment. The summary can be either short or long, almost identical to the source file. Reviewing answers the question:" What is the source video fragment about?" The size of the reviewed video is much less than the size of the source file. So you need less time to learn what the video fragment is about.

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