Comexp API

Comexp offers developers the opportunity to use its patented TAPe video-recognition technology for searching video fragments in video data through the API integration. While been connected with our servers through the API, your applications will be able to search videos. You can actual test-drive our API (with limited capabilities) for free.

Using our API, you'll have access to the following capabilities: - User's videos can be uploaded to the API server - Recognition of the multiple video files, using video recording intervals and markers - Ability to recognize/compare two sets of multiple video files

At this time we have the next version of the API that does not transfer video over the network due to use digital fingerprints in TAPe-format. We provide user with a converter from video to TAPe-format for working with this version of the API.

To get more info on API and to discuss your specific needs, please get in touch: api@comexp.net

Please mention your city, country, company name and the purpose of API.

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