The Solution

Our TAPe technology was created to compare 2 video streams, with the ability to search and compare. Essentially, any 2 videos can be compared (the reference video and the video that's been checked), for example the "standard" and the regional broadcasts.

This is a SaaS service, which means that you will receive the ready-to-use reports via web-interface. You will receive the signal comparison results (between the standard and regional broadcasts). In addition to the traditional SaaS model we can install our equipment to transcode the video content to the TAPe format. It enables a considerable decrease in traffic load and prevents video leakage from the local network.
In the report that we provide you'll see the exact time of the differences in the signal.
You will also have access to the videos that confirm the differences/deviations in the broadcast.
Also, if the client can provide us with the broadcast schedule, the system can generate the following plan.
When there is a deviation, the customer will automatically receive a notification via SMS or email. The reports can be access via web-interface.

You will receive:

  • Detailed report on the broadcast signal deviations (city, channel, start/end times).
  • The video that confirms the deviation.
  • Comparison between the scheduled and the actual broadcasts.
  • Deviations notifications (SMS, email)

Benefits of this service:

  • Works 24/7.
  • Works almost in real time
  • Highly accurate.
  • Web-interface. The service can be access from anywhere.
  • Low cost (no need to invest in equipment).

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